10 Reasons You Need These Sandals

1. They will get you laid back
2. Hand crafted with REAL hands!
3. Machine washable & colorfast
4. Ability to leap small puddles in a single bound.
5. They float, you don’t! ..remember that!
6. Makes you Too Sexy
7. Affordable, long lasting.
8. Superlight for your intergalactic travel
9. Worn by history’s best prophets.
10. The convertible sandal..and yes, this is a test.


Nearly all of our rope sandal scraps are
REcyded and RE-used into one of
a kind works of art! Rugs! Hand bags,
and water bottle carriers!

This is an important step in
material conservation, job creation (something to make in the winter) and keeps waste
out of LANDFILLS! Sure to bring SMILES in FUTURE Generations!


Sandal Styles

So many styles, so many colors!

We’re International!

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The Official Homepage of Nomadic State of Mind-hand crafted, machine washable sandals made from rope. How do we make such comfortable sandals? each rope sandals is hand crafted out of rope to make the perfect sandal. From our home state of North Carolina, stretching out to Hawaii, japan, israel, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatamala, and costa Rica you can find people wearing our super comfy rope sandals. you may find us visiting some of the finest cities in the country, just to name some favorites: asheville, raleigh, wilmington, hatteras island north carolina, charleston south carolina, st. petersburg, boca raton, naples, and fort meyers florida. atlanta, georgia, harrisonburg, richmond, charlottesville, virginia. philadelphia pennsylvania. san diego, santa cruz, santamonica, and san francisco california. portland, eugene oregon. seattle, washington. maui, hawaii, cant forget the southwest; phoenix, aspen, tuson, taos, sante fe. Love to be nomadic. Hopefully catch you on the road someday, wearing our rope sandals. Our tshirts are made from the best quality cotton , some are organic cotton (supporting a more sustainable world). peace love.good times. kids sizes also available in rope sandals. wear them in the water, in the park, on the boat, in the river, at the beach, or they can be your favorite house shoe. vintage hippy style. also check out our new addition of organic cotton this year- moving towards the solution.

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