Toe Joe with sole!

We have been at this for well over a decade; and still have the desire to create and move forward- to better anything we make.  This year we are introducing a new soling, that once again i tried it out myself for the winter months.  This is a 4 mm super light super flexible material.  When the decision was coming to buy all of our soling, i decided to look for anything better on the market.  I like this stuff a lot, its barely noticeable, which is nice, keeps with the original flexibility of the sandal, and is super light.  You will barely notice it. Offering it on many of our styles this year; starting with the toe joe after so many requests.  thanks again for all the emails and suggestions, its people that send those emails in that have helped us evolve over the past 15 years.  Check it out, i think if you liked the old sole you will love this one… There is no heel addition or arch, this is simply a layer of rubber on the bottom

toe joe with vibram sole

toe joe with vibram sole


  1. Joey February 21, 2014 Reply

    I like these shoes.How much?

  2. admin February 21, 2014 Reply

    Please visit the “shop now” link or “cart” menu.

  3. Micahel Jones May 21, 2014 Reply

    Love your rope sandals. Have several pair including the regular toe joe without the new vibram sole. I would like to own a pair of the new toe joe with vibram sole but you are out of stock for my size. Men’s 45 13-13.5. If you could make the toe joe vibram sole in my size, I will definitely buy them.

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