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well- its been a bout 1 years since i wrote this-just sitting in drafts…

Been a while, sometimes motivation for writing is difficult to come by. Sometimes the brain gets so tangled in the business world, that the minute there is time for recreation; its off to the disc golf course, downhill long board, raquetball, live music, surfing, or whatever physically exhausting thing i can find to do.. and then there are times when the synapse in the brain fires just right for a time period that when the serotonin slows down the mind crawls with expressive thoughts and inspiration.  Finding that time now.  Its been a few days since in my opinion the best live music i have seen in decades happened.

I was one of the lucky ones, in many avenues of life, one being that i am still here!  But also that i was able to see and experience years of the Grateful Dead, both sober and not.  When the dead stopped touring in 1995, i didnt really know what else to do- so i moved to a ski resort.  spent the winter in the pow pow of park city- thats when it still snowed!  That was about all the reality i could handle.  Those days became more distant as time progressed, reflections of this magical feeling i got when i went to see the grateful dead began to seem mystical or perhaps just feelings i had when i had far less responsilbities.IMG_3087

Fare the Well

Fare the Well

But as soon as the Fare the well was announced, i was wrapped up in getting tickets, then got frustrated and figured i would get them how i always did back in the day, however that was,i always got a ticket.  Plans were made with friends from all different walks of life- people i have known since i was 9 and went to my first dead shows with, people i had met after dead tour, and other people i met in college.  A great collection of like minded people.  All to be under one roof at soldier field chicago, for a stellar lineup reueninion tour. except there wasn’t a roof, because those guys blew it completely off! If there was ever a doubt that the feeling i got from a dead show was made up or mystical, it was surely brought back the first night of the first show.  i was one of the lucky ones who got to go each night.  Each night we made it to the floor, there is something about being close to dead center in front of the band about 30 yards away that makes it better.  Each night you could look around and see that not a seat was empty, except maybe for the few seats like we had, but decided sneaking on the field was alot better of an idea.

Something about hanging around people that have known you most of your life creates this energy field and almost bliss of knowing that you are seeing something that always brought us together, and something we have shared for nearly all of our life.  Knowing these people know all your faults, and all the dumb things you did as a kid, and not a judging moment exists, only the love you have for a brother.  And to have other special people that i may have seen or not seen over the past few years pop in and share a few moments, reminds me of a great quote: may bonds that tie us together be stronger then those that tear us a part, all will be well.


Here are some really cool shoes that we at Nomadic state of mind made for this past summer of great music- and fortunately the great music is continuing this summer…so will the shoes, we make them out of misprint tapestrys.  Available at Nomadic state of mind.   one of the quotes of the weekend, as i walked onto the floor- “Nice shoes, kid”




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