Rise Up Laurie

There is this fun lovin hippe chick that picks a mean fiddle.  She has been part of our on the road family for years.  She was often our neighbor, she worked for our friends company, Little hippie, for years.  We traveled the festival circuit, played some music, loved life, and enjoyed freindship.  Laurie is one of those people who just has the postivie attitude for life… it shows even now.

Laurie, last year fell out of tree, go figure freakin hippies climbing and hugging trees!  She became paralyzed, from the waste down.  But, as such the amazing creature that she is, she hasn’t let it hold her back much, she has even been part of a new study on bionics (at least that is what I call it).  She has her website, and blog.

We can’t even begin to touch the expenses that her and her family will incur, but still, sometime  you just want to do something.  So, for the month of December, a big portion of our sales is going to some sort of donation to her and her family. This is a little different then our usual month to month charitiable donation, as anything you buy off this website will be part of the donation.

We are mostly a shoe company, so if you are coming here, you most likely have use of your feet to get you around.  We can take a moment to be grateful for that.

Need some inspiration in your life, check out Laurie’s website, and if you can’t find inspiration there… well I don’t know what to tell you if she doesn’t inspire you.



  1. Angelika Kallin July 23, 2020 Reply

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    My name is Angelika, I have been buying your sandals for years, a few at festivals and online. Over a year ago, I suddenly lost feeling in my hands and feet. It got so bad that I could not walk or stand even feed myself. I was hospitalized for 3 months to find out my nerves that helps my body work are fusing up and I will eventually loose all feelings. Well, I was more mad than sad. No more surfing, bikes, my art, everything was just taken away from me. It’s now present time and The word “no” is not in my vocabulary. My hands and my feet are still numb, but I AM walking. Still am not able to do everything yet, but getting there. Here is where you come in. Being one that hates shoes. Always wore sandals at work and barefoot on weekends. With the numbness of my feet, when I wore sandals I was not able to tell if they were even on my feet, one time a sandal left my foot like 10 feet back and I did not even feel it off my foot…lol. But I pulled out my trusty rope sandals and they have not let me down. I wear them everyday and they stay on my feet thanks to the back strap. I am writing you because I wanted to thank you for putting a sole on your sandals…when it rains my originals would get totally sopped. I tried a pair of vintage flojos So I will have a pair for rainy days because they are rubber, they didn’t work out (my feet slipped out), so now I know about your new shoes with soul, I will be ordering some ASAP.. I realized it it is also the material that keeps my feet grounded to your sandals. Thank you so much, everyday! Peace

    • Chris August 7, 2020 Reply

      thats a crazy story, i am glad you are back to life! glad we make something that can benefit you!

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