Rise Up Laurie

There is this fun lovin hippe chick that picks a mean fiddle.  She has been part of our on the road family for years.  She was often our neighbor, she worked for our friends company, Little hippie, for years.  We traveled the festival circuit, played some music, loved life, and enjoyed freindship.  Laurie is one of those people who just has the postivie attitude for life… it shows even now.

Laurie, last year fell out of tree, go figure freakin hippies climbing and hugging trees!  She became paralyzed, from the waste down.  But, as such the amazing creature that she is, she hasn’t let it hold her back much, she has even been part of a new study on bionics (at least that is what I call it).  She has her website, and blog.

We can’t even begin to touch the expenses that her and her family will incur, but still, sometime  you just want to do something.  So, for the month of December, a big portion of our sales is going to some sort of donation to her and her family. This is a little different then our usual month to month charitiable donation, as anything you buy off this website will be part of the donation.

We are mostly a shoe company, so if you are coming here, you most likely have use of your feet to get you around.  We can take a moment to be grateful for that.

Need some inspiration in your life, check out Laurie’s website, and if you can’t find inspiration there… well I don’t know what to tell you if she doesn’t inspire you.



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