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Our yoga teacher and trip leaders

  • Jeff Hawkins– As someone who has been involved in sports and athletics all his life, Jeff stepped into his first  yoga class almost ten years ago as another means of exercise and fitness.  After experiencing his first 90 minutes in a hot, carpeted Bikram studio, yoga quickly became the foundation on which to base his career, and more importantly, his well-being.  From the moment he took his first conscious breath, Jeff knew that yoga held benefits well beyond physical exercise.  While the asanas and the heat of the room were challenging, Jeff found the moving meditation had a significant unifying effect on the mind, body, and breath.  As a practicing Physical Therapist for over a decade, Jeff was already familiar with the healing properties yoga had to offer, as many of the cornerstones of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and general wellness are the foundations of yoga as well.  Furthering the knowledge of his own yoga practice seemed like the natural and logical path to choose, not only for his personal wellness, but for the community around him.  Since discovering yoga, Jeff has completed two separate 200 level trainings in Hatha and Vinyasa, as well a 500 hour program with Jason Crandall.  Currently he is working towards a second 300 hour certification, beginning with Yin, Nidra, and Kriya. 

    Now spending more of his time educating fellow yogis in a yoga studio rather than in a typical physical therapy office, Jeff’s passion for movement has only been amplified. His background in anatomy, movement, and alignment, combined with the knowledge of the energetics in a yoga practice, has allowed him to engage more of the community in a practice of well-being and self-care.  While Jeff provides the tools, his mantra is to empower those with the knowledge to become a stronger and more grounded human being.  You must do the work!  As it is with life, there are no short cuts to achieving what you truly set your mind upon: focus, hard work, and determination are all integral parts in the pursuit of one’s own dharma.  As the Buddha once said, “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

  • Tatum Demeter– has an extraordinary background having grown up traveling the world and living in diverse cultures.  Through these experiences, she has found a passion for our connections within ourselves, others, and the natural world. Tatum is able to bring new ideas to whole-body health.  She has helped heal through alternative medicines with a focus on mind and body practices. With these changes, many people have turned their lives around for the better. After traveling, Tatum has a burning desire to create community and a space for our different ideas, cultures, and beliefs while sharing experiences together. Currently, Tatum is expressing these passions by running a retreat center in Nicaragua.  She is a certified Hatha yoga instructor, teaches surf, CrossFit, and nutrition to guests as well as in the local community and schools here in Central America.
  • Chris Anderson.  Chris stumbled in to a yoga class in 1998, found it life changing as the extreme sports had taken some tolls on his body.  Through the next 22 years Chris drifted in and out of yoga, yoga training in India in 2008, ytt 200 hr last year in May, and extensive meditation training.  Its always been his dream to show people the lifestyle he loves.  2 years ago he invested and helps run Salt (47 ft catamaran) from his love of sailing, lifestyle, and surfing.  And has been the guy behind Nomadic state of mind since its inception in the late 90’s. Before running a sandal company he was an addiction therapist.  His goal here is to combine friends, lifestyle, and passion for life with others.  He has been organizing private surf trips and adventure trips for years as mostly and excuse to keep on moving.  He has been working out of Nicaragua for over 15 years, has a deep passion for the country, and above all likes to have a good time!
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More detail…

First of all, thanks for your interest.  This retreat is designed to be both relaxing and exciting. The combined knowledge of our teachers, partners, and our community will bring you a memorable experience.  Whether you are just starting yoga, or been a yogi for years, there is something here for you.  Whether you are an intermediate surfer or never been on a board and just curious. Never been to Nicaragua, well alot of our team has been there for decades, and the locals we work with have lived their whole live there.  We call this a yoga/surf retreat, because those are some of our passions; however there are many experiences you will have above and beyond those two lifestyles.  See some of the most spectacular sunsets on the planet while you get a sunset surf in, or sit quietly on the beach, or run wild down the beach!  Hike through the jungle and see some of our wildlife.  Visit some our friends places for dinner and epic views of the Nica coast.  Chill on hthe boat listening to some great tunes while talking about life beyond what you are used to.  When you leave our trip, it will be impossible not to smile when you think back to the trip you took with us.  We believe in magic, and like to share it!

All inclusive,

getting here. You book your flight,  you land in managua, Nicaragau we pick you up at airport and bring you back.  If you fly into Liberia, Costa Rica and are going to do the border crossing, we cannot pick you up and bring you back, but can reccomend a taxi service that does.  (sometimes it is much cheaper to fly into Liberia and cross border- travel time is about the same, unless there happens to be alot of people at the border- this is a good option when comparing flight tickets)

Yoga. Our teachers offer you a variety of deep understanding and knowledge of Yoga and health. The well rounded group will lead you in improving your practice and opening doors in all aspects of yoga and living.

Food.  Our chefs make a great variety of food, and mostly focus on vegetarian diet.  However, we know there are alot of different diets out there, and we can cater to all, we dont banish you if you dont want to eat vegetarian.  Nicaragua has an excellent source of fresh fruits and veggies.  And if you wanted to try being a healthy vegetarian on this trip, we can help you.  Town is very close (10 min) and we can supply rides to town to check out some local restaurants, the dining out is on you.  We will have a healthy and yummy breakfast lunch and dinner.

Surfing.  We live by the tides and moon cycle.  Pending on wind, tides, wind we will adjust the schedule of classes and everything to get the best time to go surfing.  sometimes that is sunrise, somtimes the middle of the day.  We have surf instructors available, and surf boards.  Surfing is not mandatory, we will do our best to take you to the best spots when you want to surf. Our structure is loose, so you can have the best time.  The beaches are also beautiful to explore.

The boat.  Our boat (Salt) is a luxury catamaran with 4 bedrooms. We will have the avialblity to take it wherever we want a few times, or join in some of our regular scheduled day trips.  If you dont want to sleep on boat for a night, you do not have to, the retreat center is ours for the whole time.   We would like to atleast take you all on an overnight to a secluded beach and sleep floating under the stars, and a few day trips.

Other things nearby/excursions.  Near the san juan del sur area there are many things to explore; hiking, zip lines, local flavor. There are also day trips available to Grenada, which we can arrange for you.

Cost and dates

For more information please send us an email with you phone number and we will get back to you.  email:


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