New Yoga Sandals

Whatever you want to call this Cappadocia inspired sandal, it’s ok, most people consider this type of sandal a “yoga sandal”, we think the general idea comes from century old yogis who recommend spreading the toes, which yogis claim assists in balance and alignment throughout the body, improves posture, and even improves bone and circulatory response. Now, we are not in the business of claiming cure alls, by any means, but we have found that wearing this type of yoga sandal spreads out the toes which does help with yoga balance- Chris did not fall down one time while trying these sandals out and hiking through Turkey. This sandal takes a little while to get used to for some, but is also an adjustable sandal. Chris said, it took about a week of wearing this yoga sandal before he found it comfortable, then he really liked it, and that is the guy who designed it…So weather you like yoga and sandals or not, this sandal is different!


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