envision festival, costa rica, 2014

nomadic state of mind in costa ricaI can only express that i was more excited to go to costa rica this year then i was at 5 years old waiting for santa clause.  This winter had been brutal, spending most of my time in ny; which coincidently needed to happen, otherwise i would be south for the winter like smart birds and canadians.

Suffering through wearing shorts and sandals to get to the airport in new york was nothing, realizing that soon i would be in warm moist air, followed by a few thousand new friends, and some surf.  I only brought a tshirt and a few shorts, knowing i would be living in board shorts for the week, the rest of the duffle bag was stuffed with as many sandals as i could fit.  Landing in costa rica early wednesday morning, i made my way through customs……lets leave the story here-but i can say that they did let me illegally smuggle sandals into costa rica! the letting part took some negotiation, fortunately we came to an agreement that worked for everybody.  But the bozo who stopped me from walking out of the door of the airport with all my stuff (seconds from being outside) who tapped me on my shoulders to turn around because customs wanted to talk to me, after i had been so good about not hearing and calmly walking out the door- thanks guy.  its not illegal to bring sandals into costa rica, just that they want you to pay money to bring stuff in- and who wants to do that?

Fortunatley i convinced them for me not to have to stay in san jose until the next day to clear customs and i was on my way to the car rental place.  On short trips to central america, cars are necessary  if i have over 2 weeks then i take the bus-thats been my m.o.  I took the four hour drive to dominical, reaching there just in not enough time to surf, but enough time to watch the sun set (barely).  sitting in shorts and sandals on the beach is how I am suppose to challenge winter.  met some new friends in dominical who needed a ride to the festival; arriving festival grounds at around 9 pm.

100% improvement from last year.  Envision this year had plenty of shade, and we no longer had to cross a swamp to get to the beach! wahoo!  fortunately the festival timing coincided with the days of two high tide surf sessions.  super early am and sunset.  Perfect!  So the next morning started the surf session, since i had a shared booth, and only a duffel bag full of sandals, set up would take about 4 minutes.  I was splitting a booth with my freinds from Justafairtrade.org, just as we had last year.  The music was phenomenal this year, a lot more string bands then the year before; Medicine for the people, appalachia uprising, polish ambassador, and the Fugineers (what a whacko show) were some of my favorites.  Surfed every day, great music, great people, great venue.  And nice job to eliminating food waste- anytime you bought any food from vendors we were to supply our own utensils, plates, and glasses- nice forward thinking peeps.  Some of the speakers were inspiring, and i’m sure the yoga classes were great too- i didnt make it to any of the yoga classes, i did my yoga before jumping in the water to go surf.  Showers went well, i’m sure they will adjust the pretty long lines next year- or perhaps people will learn to shower like one may shower in a boat or rv- quick and conservative to water.  I’d  suggest a rinse of station for those of us who really dont need soap or shampoo every day:), and/or dont mind a group shower experience- but having private shower stalls this year allowed everyone to feel comfortable.  over 15 years of festival going, the nomadic state of mind rating system from  the (bottom)-“lost and cant find my way home to full of rainbows, unicorns, and shiny things (top) – this one definatley gets the full of rainbows, unicorns and shiny things rating, it also didnt hurt being in costa rica!  I always look at ways to improve festivals, like they were my own, and these folks at envision definately are about making the experience magical- the improvements from last year to this year were over the top!  I will be there again next year, as long as the universe allows.

I had a few days to spare:) between costa rica and an event in LA i had to do, so i chose to stay in costa rica.  Got to hang out with some new friends from thefairiespyjamas.com,  the mayor of georgia (lol) and some of the Justa crew.  A few more days of sunshine and surf, and quite a bit of laughing-the real medicine of the people.    Thanks for a good time after envision crew….

A few suggestions, for both myself and anybody else that goes to this festival. 1. if you are not a camper get a hotel room , if you are a camper and don’t have a hammock (also be prepared that the trees get filled up so a tent might be neccesary) bring a thermarest, this area was a working farm of sorts and the ground is not very forgiving.  2. b vitamins- sun sucks it out of you 3. sunscreen-sun is bit closer to the earth down there 4. stay a while-dont rush home.

After a 6 hour drive back to the san juan with the mayor of georgia in tow, we arrived unscathed to the car rental spot, and leaving costa rica was easier then getting in! Thanks for a really good time.


  1. "mayor" of Georgia March 6, 2014 Reply

    Ha Ha Ha! Had a blast again this year Chris and will definitely be doing it again next year. Maybe we can find a bigger rental car? 🙂

  2. Lise September 8, 2016 Reply

    Looks amazing!!! We really need to come next year! Thanks for the testimonial 😉

    • Author
      Chris September 17, 2016 Reply

      bring a portable fan…..it gets hot down there!

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