How to clean nomadic rope sandals

Cleaning Nomadic state of mind rope sandals can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it!

The first place to start is with your own feet; a commonly missed point. Lets first start off at bathing, soap (the stuff that you clean with) only works if you actually rub it one and scrub. so those of you standing in the shower assumming that letting the soap run down your from your uppper body to your feet- thinking that actually cleans- calmly re evaluate this- this doesnt work. lift up your feet and scrub them.

Ok, now after evaluating your own personal hygiene, then take a look at the product, its rope, nothing more nothing less. Think about when you leave wet rope or wet clothes in a cool dark place when they are wet what happens? yes, they smell like a cross between sasquatch and a litter box. these sandals need to be dried, both sides- kind of like washing your feet- id doesnt work if you just wast the top. so first step if you dont wash the sandals is to dry them in the sun, both sides.

Now, if you want to wash them, machine wash is fine, just make sure they have adequate sunlight left in the day to dry- both sides.

There are few other technigques people have emailed us in, some work well:
1. wash them with white vinegar- yes vinegar fixes everything
2. put them in a zip lock back with baking soda and stick them in the freezer- sure why not!
3. febreeze them- this is like letting soap run on your feet but go for it if you want!
4. stick them under your friends pillow- yes highly reccomend

the absolute best way to clean your sandals.
1. stop by the car wash, put some quarters in the power washer, power wash your sandals
2. tie them to your roof rack for the drive home.

thanks, hope that helps


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