Bonnaroo 2014

I can’t believe its been 14 years of Bonnaroo, i have watched this festival change from an out of control party to a well maintained festival bringing in all types of music from around the world, attracting all sorts of people from around the world.  Very stoked to be part of it for all these years; for the last few years we have had our main stall in the centeroo around the fountain- a magical place, and also a stall out on 3rd and 3rd in the campground.  this year we are adding another stall at the main stage (a big reason is so we have a view of all the acts on stage!).

we look forward to seeing all you again year after year, its such an amazing event for everyone who attends.  As each year we make some special color combinations that are only available at this event and electric forest.  Those who know, show up early in the weekend to check out the limited edition models.  This year we will also be introducing a new rope flop and a new version of the ecolyte.

We have officially always been unofficially considered the official sandal at festivals.  Those who know what your feet need at a festival come by the booth and pick up a new pair…..whatever you do take care of your feet!  those are transportation at bonnaroo.

we would sure like to see your bonnaroo pics from years prior wearing our sandals (#bonnaroo, #nomadicstate, #nomadicstateofmind, #ready2roo)  best picture posted to the # above and our fb page will win a picnic basket!

Hydration! hydration! hydration!


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