Best Nomadic State of Mind Sandals for Music Festivals

You’ve bought your tickets and assembled the crew. You’re almost ready for what is sure to be a transformative musical festival experience. Whether you’ve already planned your concert schedule, meals and outfits or your only plan is to show up ready for anything, you’re going to need a pair of comfortable festival sandals.

Nomadic State of Mind planted its roots at music festivals many years ago, and we continue to enjoy them to this day. We know a thing or two about music festival style, and our rope sandals are the perfect addition to your unique look. They’re made with quality materials like durable rope and soft hemp, so you’ll be able to wear these sandals through marathon dance sessions and campsite wanderings with ease.

Below we’ve outlined our top five best shoes for music festivals that can withstand a weekend of dancing and bonding with others. All of our sandals are vegan and cruelty-free. They are also machine washable, so after a weekend at a dusty outdoor venue, you can throw them in the wash for sandals that look like new! The best part? Our sandals don’t subscribe to typical sandal trends, which means their timeless look will be loved year after year. Read on for our top five recommendations.

  1. The JC – Our original six-cross-strap design, the JC sandal is as classic as it gets. You’ll love the adjustable back strap that keeps your foot securely connected to the sandal. It’s one of our most popular styles, and customers love the foot support that feels like you’re walking barefoot. Shop the JC sandal.
  2. The Toe Joe – For those looking for a more secure fit than the JC, the Toe Joe sandal is for you. It features an adjustable backstrap and big toe loop, so your feet won’t slip. This style was originally designed as a river sandal, so it’s perfect for outdoor activities. Jump, shimmy and shake with abandon! Shop the Toe Joe.
  3. The Mountain Momma – Don’t let the name fool you… This sandal is for mountain papas as well! With a less ropey look, the Mountain Momma features a simple interlocking design that looks great on everybody. We love this sandal because it blends so well with different styles. From hippie chicks to cosmic lovers to high fashion divas, the Mountain Momma is loved by all. Shop the Mountain Momma.
  4. The Romano – The most secure sandal in our entire collection, the Romano is a lace-up style with five points of adjustability. You’ll be able to loosen and tighten as you please, which can be ideal at the end of the day or in hot weather when feet tend to swell. The Romano gives you the freedom to tie the laces however you want. Not only that, you can get additional laces in various colors for a contrasting look that is all your own. Shop the Romano.
  5. The Slip On – A tip from the music festival experts? Bring an extra pair of shoes just for relaxing in. Your feet will become fatigued, and at the end of the day, switching into a new pair can be refreshing. We love bringing the Slip On style for throwing on while hanging at the campsite or in between concerts. While you can definitely wear these all day, they are less secure, so you may want to avoid mosh pits as you may come out missing a sandal. Shop the Slip On.


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