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Posted: Jul 15, 2013 02:59 AM
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Synopsis: midsummer west trip

High Sierra music fest Well, if i thought robert plant had passed on to the faded out category i was sure mistaken. I had seen Plant a few years ago with allison kraus, a more mellow mind set-surely excellent musically but much mellower then the zeppelin style music i had come to love in my youth. However, I got to catch Plant at High Sierra this July, and blown away I was, the guy who wrote the book hasnt lost the pen, or maybe he still uses a pencil. His quote on July 4 of "Happy Anniversary" was a quote that carried with us throughout the festival, an odd quote from a britt, but not that odd; more odd was the need for him to come back on stage and tell the audience he was going to get a 10% senior discount at dennys the next morning- i guess at 70+ its the finer things in life. His show rocked, probobaly the highlight of my summer live music. And the show went on-- Thievery corporation made me move even if i was tired. primus-weirder and better then usual. late nite leftover salmon, kicking off lots of dead tunes. And after a summer season full of rain, was sure nice to be in the high sierras where rain, although much needed, was not an issue. Reconnecting with many souls hadnt seen in a while. One of my favorite festivals. folllowed by a float down the truckee river on monday with some good folks.

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