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envision fest 2013

envision fest 2013
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Posted: Mar 16, 2013 07:36 PM
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Synopsis: 5 days in the sun, rain, and surf in costa rica

I have to hand it to the people of envision fest, to throw such a massive party in costa rica, is not such a simple thing! They seem to have made it happen with ease. Beautiful jungle scenery close to the town of uvita, a hop, wade, and 6$ charge to the beach- (its a national park). there was a small swamp to cross to get to the beach, about neck deep in water, fortunately i was always carrying a surf board so i just paddled across; i think that rule of "you dont have to be the best swimmer, just faster then one of your friends" mentally applied to me. I did not see any crocodile anywhere close to the swamp, but the do exist. so i paddled faster, kind of like when you are floating down a river and you hear banjo music....(that one might be a little played out) This was my first mostly electronic festival, and the first festival every in the last decade that i didnt recognize most of the bands; i think mainly because they were not really bands, dj's. So I learned about the different genres of electronic music, and came to appreciate--some of it. I beautifully landscaped grounds, some of the best of the best scenery makers showed up, making something out of nothing, or not really nothing; bamboo seemed to be the motif- and there was plenty of that around. I got there a few days before the festival, during the full moon; which meant a few sleepless nights. that's just how it goes these days, the fuller the moon the more active my mind. these festivals take some preperation, mental and physical; it is no easy chore hanging out in the hot jungle for 5 days, and lacking on sleep. I always pack a lot of b vitamins, and make sure to get lots of water. this was one of the hottest festivals ever, the festival had built our stores out of bamboo; looked really cool- just what you would expect in the jungle. the roofs were a little low, which caused the heat to hang around and make the store a little hotter. Regardless, i sure wasnt coming to costa rica thinking i was going to be in cool weather. A headlamp is a neccessity; thanks to the dude who broke his shoes and i traded him some new kicks for a nice headlamp- because the veteran that i am, i forgot mine..... Fortunately the guy ahead of me at customs looked a little shadier then me; they searched him as i grabbed my contraband (duffel bag of sandals) and headed out the airport. funny thing is, i ended up giving that same guy a ride to the festival, along with 2 other friends from back home who had been living in costa rica for a while. i did rename the country, i hadnt been back since my years ago migration from c.r to nicaragua; but costa rican has gotten quite expensive. meagan and i gave this country its new name, Costya mucho. I had teamed up and split a store with my freinds from Justa (justafairtrade.org); what an awesome group! A great family for the weekend, or 5 days rather. The rains came on day 2. Reminding of coventry back in the early part of the decade. I have to say i am kind of over large amounts of rain at festivals; but it happens every once in a while, and if you can manage to keep your bedding dry (most important!) all will be well. these days i mostly hammock it, so it stayed dry. A wet bed can make life miserable. The folks at envision did a great job dealing with the water; tractors, hay, and other neccisties arrived quickly to the scene. Thats really how i rate festivals these days, is how quickly and willing they are to help make it an easier time for patrons. They did a really good job. The music was interesting, found some new music genres i like, it is still a bit strange watching a dj on stage compared to watching a band; the stage performances help a bit. First festival i have ever gone to where the beach was so close, i surfed every day, except for one maybe. great way to start the day, or end the day. the last two years have gotten me quite addicted to surfing, maybe just as much as the snowboard.... i left the event with only a few random sandals left, headed up to Dominical for the night. i was pretty excited to exit costa rica and head back home to nicaragua; so thats what i did... thanks envision, for a real good time.

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Hoot Gibson Mar 29, 2013 03:37 AM
great story brother,what impresses me most is that they let you on with the incredibly large carry on...took two to close...lol.
Love your Nomadic mind!
If your blessed,
be a blessing.-Hoot

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