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sandal line available for wholesale

Nomadic State of Mind is the artistic producer of quality rope art and rope technology, offering the best in quality, customer service, and we believe all other aspects that come with running a business; this is what we do, this is not a side business. We have 3 locations of artistic production, producing many of our sandals in Nicaragua with a small community we taught how to make our sandals years ago (read more about this on the about us page). Our other two locations are in the U.S (Florida and our home state of North Carolina) We are able to make many sandals, rugs, belts, and bags. We sell our sandals around the globe and are always interested in opening new eyes to our products. we offer cooperative advertising to our resellers to help get the word out. Why so many locations? Nomadic. Our operations very seasonally with the weather, lol.



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What we offer:

sandals- handcrafted, machine washable, color fast, adjustable; rope accessories; T-shirts and Apparel - for that state of mind (see product info page)

our reseller program has been set up to provide resellers the opportunity to redistribute fine hand made wearable responsible art. our products are always of superior quality. But you already know that or you wouldn't even be here. for more info please contact us.

we reserve the right to sell to who we feel matches our store philosophy, and not sell to those we feel don't. thanks

we will correspond with all inquiries within 2 business days, if you have not heard from us within that time period please call our office at 877.666.2376, because we didn't get your email

outside the u.s please send an email, with your store/distributor into, contact, phone, email, fax, and what you are interested in to peace@nomadicstate.com


custom color combinations for large quantity sandals and accessories are available. lead times depend on rope in stock.

wholesale sales are developed to spread funds into communities around the globe. any reseller of our goods support the ideal of community growth.

nomadic state of mind
po box 321
Fayetteville, NC 28302

Click HERE to fill out a Wholesale Application to be a reseller of Nomadic State of Mind products!

rope art samples


we reuse our scraps from sandal making and make these one of a kind handbags. also some really unique rugs.