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Stretching across the globe, our rope sandals can be used in any environmental condition: mud, sand, water, and the dry world.



Probably the BEST way to wash your sandals is to use a power washer, just blow them out with a power washer (like when you are at the car wash) then tie them to your roof for the drive home. so not everybody wants to take their sandals to the car wash.....read below.

washability: sandals may be washed and dried along with your regular wash. they are bleach, chlorine, and salt water resistant (not proof). this means they get wet, but they will dry. if they get really soiled, you may find it beneficial to soak them in water with a little bleach for a little while then stick them in the direct sun outside to dry (we use tea tree oil instead of bleach but most people find bleach to work better). You can put them in the dryer if you insist-but this is a waste of energy. Bleach will not hurt sandals of any color. wet sandals should always be dried thoroughly before storage. the lazy cleaning method: PUT YOUR dry SANDALS IN A ZIP LOCK BAG, add some baking soda, ZIP IT, AND STICK THEM IN THE FREEZER FOR THE NIGHT.

normal wear and tear: remember you are walking on rope. you may drag your feet-you will wear them down. polypro is incredibly strong, however remember you are walking on rope. when sandals begin to fray, if it happens it usually happens by the back heel. we suggest: with a small pair of scissors gently trim back the frayed rope.. adjustability: if you cannot figure out how to adjust them please fiddle with the ankle strap-you will eventually be enlightened. only the slip on is not adjustable. our sandals are made from a reclaimed polypropylene (usa made) cord

handmade: again sandals are handmade, slight variances may appear. if their is a problem with your sandals please don't hesitate to email.



Our organic cotton shirts (in shopping cart “organic). 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton means low impact on the environment; vitalizing growing methods that replenish soil fertility, and reduce or eliminate the use of toxic fertilizers.

Our photo prints. Chris took some of his photography from years on the road and transformed it to wearable art. Most of this vintage looking photography took place during the early 90’s, when home was a bus, and life was super simple. Raft guiding in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and checking out the world in between. Each shirt is meant to bring positive energy, and sometimes positive energy is in the form of laughter. “These are the good old days” is our “Be here now”-meant to stay in the present, the here and now. “Everybody needs a home down by the river”- you shouldn’t have to look to far to relate to this one. Some people will do anything for their own river front home- spending summers on the bank of the Colorado river guiding boats down the river. “Vango” any old van owner can relate to this shirt. The starter never worked, it always needed a friendly push, to get it moving. This photo came shortly after getting nearly strip searched at the Alaska border in 96.

our Nomo print shirts. Featuring the alter ego of the traveler. “Nomo” came about at the beginning of the Nomadic State of Mind endeavor, a symbol of peace,love, and good times. The friendly nomad, wandering through life enjoying it for what it is. Nomo has been on countless tshirts through the years, and inventory fluctuates as to what we are in the mood to print. We brought back “Think Peace”, because in this day and age we need a constant reminder. We believe in positive thought, to bring about change. Turn off the news!!

For those concerned with country of origin. Our organic cotton t shirts are 100% usa sewn and grown. Our eco heather is made in Dominican republic, and the organic hoody’s are made in Pakistan. We do not manufacture tshirts, we are a sandal company, so when we source out things we don’t personally have a hand in manufacturing, we look for reputable companies with similar ideas about planet conservation. We feel comfortable with the shirt manufacturers we are using.


simply the best hammock ever made, all reinforced, lifetime warranty, super soft, sturdy enough for you and 2 of your best freinds. Made by our buddy's at Eagles nest outfitters.

company reviews
1. bring a sleeping pad to put between your backside and the hammock for overnite sleeping, or moisture will creep up and make you cold
2. bring rope to tie it up
3. sleep well.


Where would we be at without circular flying objects? these light up discs have changeable batteries, and center weighted for great flight. The good ones.

frisbee reviews:
1. keep it out of water
2. don't take off the battery compartment until you need to replace the battery(if it ain't broke don't fix it).
3. if you do take off the battery compartment because you are (curious) more then once and it becomes loose, break off part of a toothpick and place it between the plastic cap and battery- will make connection tighter- but really don't take the batter cover off.
4.keep the lite up ones out of the salt water.
5. you can huck the lite up one long ways man, much fun! 5. we advise to place one of our stickers over the center light of the disc, not just to advertise our company, but the center lite if really bright in really dark places, often blinding you from seein your partner-you'll see.
6. don't step on it!


fanny packs, whatever you want to call them.
Our hip sacks. Ok way cool, you’ll love them. Most are adjustable, the ones that aren’t are labeled as medium and large (these are womens, with the triangle star for the back. Multipocketed and zippered. Way fun, way functional. Made out of a cotton canvas, super soft.


our rope art program was developed as a method to be more environmentally friendly. we use up nearly all of our sandal scraps to make these one of a kind rugs. no rug is ever the same. this project helps to keep people working year round and use waste. although our scraps are used these rugs are quite a time consuming art project, as you will never find any two the same. this year we are offering custom size rugs. email us with your size preference for a quote. please title the email "rugs".
LH2- this water bottle is designed with a short leash, in order to connect to a back pack or boat. this is not long enought for a shoulder strap.. fits a nalgene or similiar size bottle.

our medium size handbag (mp)- fits all the necessities for light travel. shoulder strap.