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free the man of war

free the man of war
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Posted: Feb 20, 2011 11:25 AM
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Synopsis: i don't want to get stung

it was about noon on sunday, lake worth beach, absolutely no surf. boring on the kayak even, but even so- any day in the water is better then a day in the office! Jeff and Chris swapping out the kayak in the barely chest high water, with waves that might have been about 1 ft more then that. more just likea leisure float. From beach a woman is fanatically waving her hands and asking us to come in shore. yesterday there had been over 50 sharks in the water, it is shark migratory season in florida. so we think its that someone has spotted another shark or 20. they are everywhere in florida- you either get over the jaws phobia or you don't have any fun. so we get to shore. "i have a really strange request", says the tourist, "could you use your paddle and come pick up this man o war and put in your boat and bring it out to sea, it is washed up and flopping around". i tried to imagince a jellyphish flopping around, i think i only see those at phish shows?? jeff and i looked at each other puzzled. So, she wanted us to put a poisonous jellyphish back in the water where we were swimming? and so were a lot of kids. I get it, she wanted to save the wildlife. I'd say, save a tree, let the jelly fish be. I think she thought we were heartless to let the flopping jellyphish dry out in the sun and become treasures for tourists to find. I learned my lesson of manawar from a really good buddy who likes kava. he came down from michigan, and on his first week in florida, he saw a manawar on the beach and thought it was the coolest looking purple bubble ever, and had to pick it up. So about a week later the swelling on his hands finally went down. i think the moral of this story, is if you see a flopping jellyphish anywhere but a phish show. let them be.

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Hoot Gibson Mar 29, 2013 03:27 AM
some wild things happen when at the beach with a Nomadic State of Mind!
I remember a tent moving down the beach at Carolina Beach..

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