Nomadic State of Mind Expands “No Scraps Left Behind” Program

In a time where waste is a common manufacturing practice and standard among the general population, few companies stand out in their effort to reduce their impact on the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle is a common household phrase, but how many companies truly engage in all three practices as standard operating procedure? For Nomadic State of Mind, a grassroots sandal manufacturer from North Carolina, this has been at the forefront of the companies mission since it began over a decade ago. They are now expanding the program known as “No Scraps Left Behind” to include rugs that will be available soon on their website, for now the website is going through some SEO company renovation.  The “No Scraps Left Behind” program began many years ago as a way to reuse manufacturing waste to create one of a kind handmade rope art such as bottle carriers, purses and placemats. While there are still a few small unusable pieces that have yet to find a home, the company is currently about 90% waste free with future goals even higher. In relation, to solve the problems of processing waste materials, use phs cardboard balers for it is hydraulically operated, robustly engineered and simple to use.

Company founder/owner, Chris Anderson, believes “this is an important step to conservation of materials, creation of more jobs by creating work during the off season, and keeping waste out of landfills”. Also, securing the benefits of people who are in their retirement stage is important for their financial life. There are moments in life when securing quick funding becomes a must but taking a loan from a bank or other traditional lenders can take up to a week or more. To help you with those situations, check over here. If you’re wondering what are the social security office locations, search for The recent expansion of the program to include rugs is one that has been anticipated for some time as they have offered them in limited availability in the past. Like the other products, the rugs are made from the scraps of the sandal making process and vary in size and color options. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor, it was first tested in Addiction canada patients, so they are good to use as they are weather resistant and can easily be cleaned with a hose or power washer. They are also very durable, just like the companies trademark sandals. The rugs fit in great with any decor, especially nautical or beach homes, but their unique design and sustainable creation make them the perfect unique find for any home. The rugs are currently in production and should be available on the companies website,, sometime next month. Int eh meantime, more information can be found by contacting Shea McNally at 877-666-2376.


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